If you are interested in setting up a design appointment, please email us at info@MenloHardwoods.com or call us at 650.561.4345

What You Need to Do

  • Take measurements of the area you are looking to purchase the piece of furniture for. Bring any design plans, pictures and even hand sketches you have of the room.
  • Determine the maximum and minimum size of the piece you are looking to have us build.
  • If you have an idea of the way you want a table or other piece of furniture to look, let us know. We are building these pieces of furniture to your exact tastes and specifications. This process is about combining exactly what you want with what nature has given us to work with!
  • If you have wood types you are interested in, let us know. We typically work with Claro walnut, walnut, redwood, sycamore, elm or cypress. If there is a wood you are looking for outside of these selections, we can generally procure it for you.

The Design Process

  • Design Sketch: Once we have the information above, we will design sketch concepts for your review. Upon approval, a deposit of 50% of the price of the project is taken as a down payment and construction and manufacturing process begins.
  • Wood Selection: We will work with you to select the best possible wood for your project. You are then invited to come to our shop in the central valley to hand pick your specific slab, or we can show you pictures of a variety of slabs that may work for your project, this can be done via email. This part of the process can be done remotely.
  • Production: Now that we have selected your slab, the production process begins. At this point we take the wood from materials to a finished piece of art work that was designed by you!
  • Delivery and Maintenance: We can deliver directly to you or make pieces available for pickup from the showroom in Menlo Park or the shop in Modesto. We will also provide you with care and maintenance instructions for your custom piece.